Full iPhone 15 Pro design leaks out in stunning new unofficial renders

The iPhone 14 Pro facing forwards, held in a hand at an angle
The iPhone 14 Pro (Image credit: Future)

We're confident in assuming that the iPhone 15 series is going to be launched in September, and while we wait for these handsets to be official, we've got some high-quality renders of the Pro model from a reliable source.

That source is 9to5Mac, and the images that have been shared show off the iPhone 15 Pro from all angles – including from below, so we can see the new USB-C port that all the 2023 iPhones are rumored to be getting.

This is described as being a "significant upgrade", with the iPhone 15 Pro set to be housed in a titanium casing with a design that has rounder edges than the iPhone 14 Pro. The camera bump is also bigger, with lenses that protrude further out.

Buttons and bezels

We also get a look at the new solid-state buttons for volume control, mute and power. According to previous rumors, these are going to replace the conventional mechanical buttons, providing haptic feedback in place of physical movement.

The bezels are said to be smaller too: 1.55 millimeters to be precise. The glass display will be subtlety curved at the edges as well, as per this leak, "transitioning seamlessly into the titanium frame of the device" around the frame.

As mentioned previously, 9to5Mac says there's going to be a new deep red color for the iPhone 15 Pro, so look out for that. Finally, the dimensions of the phone are apparently slightly smaller than the 2022 model.

Analysis: a fine-looking iPhone

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but based on these pictures, we'd say the iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be one of the best-looking iPhones yet – and we're assuming the other models in the range will be similar in their aesthetics.

We've always liked the more rounded look of iPhones past, rather than the straight and angular edges on the iPhone 14 and recent editions. We're assuming that it's going to make the smartphones feel better in the hand as well.

The switch to USB-C – under pressure from EU regulators – has long been talked about, and it should make finding a charger easier. However, you might need an Apple-approved cable to get the most out of the new-look port.

That new deep red color looks great too, and will be a welcome alternative to the usual silver and gray choices. As we've seen with the yellow iPhone 14, adding extra colors is an easy win for Apple, and we'd like to see even more of them down the line.

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