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Following the US and UK, DJI is making drone lessons mandatory in Australia too

As of Wednesday, February 14, anyone keen on flying a DJI drone in Australia must answer a quiz from the manufacturer covering safe drone operation as set by the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

These pre-flight tests are already mandatory in the UK and US as of late 2017, and DJI claims “will be expanded to other countries in the near future, with questions customized to be aligned with each country’s local rules and guidelines”.

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Have a safe flight

These quizzes are the latest safety feature to be implemented by the Chinese manufacturer, joining such existing measures as automatic altitude limiting and ‘geofencing’, which uses the drone’s GPS location to restrict access to certain no-fly zones.

“The majority of pilots fly safely and responsibly”, said Adam Welsh, Head of Asia Pacific Public Policy at DJI, “but DJI has taken this step so that new drone pilots have an opportunity to learn and understand some simple safety rules as part of their first flying experience.”

The test will be administered via the DJI GO and DJI GO 4 apps and will consist of nine questions, each of which must be answered correctly before the app will allow the user to fly the drone.