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Flickr extends deadline for free account-holders to back up their photos

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If you have over 1,000 images in your free Flickr account, don't panic – you now have until March 12 to download them before the extra ones are deleted.

Flickr originally planned to enforce its new limits on February 4, but has taken pity on keen amateur photographers and pushed back the deadline, giving users an extra month to grab their snaps.

On the new cut-off date, Flickr will begin deleting free account-holders' extra photos, starting with the oldest ones, until just 1,000 are left.

Make it snappy

You can download your Flickr photos by going to your account settings and clicking 'Request my Flickr data'. The process isn't instant, and may take several hours depending on how busy the servers are.

Once your photos and videos are ready, you'll be emailed a link, which you can use to download them as a ZIP archive. The link will remain active for seven days. If you don't save your snaps within that period, you'll need to repeat the process.

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Cat Ellis
Cat Ellis

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