First OnePlus 6T camera sample arrives a week before the phone

We're exactly a week away from the launch of the OnePlus 6T, but the teasers keep coming and we've just seen our first camera sample from the rear shooter of the upcoming phone.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau uploaded the photo you can see below to Weibo (that's a Chinese social networking site), alongside a caption that when translated from Chinese says something similar to "bring your own filter".

This is a night shot of the city of Shenzhen and we expect this is Lau's way of teasing improved low light performance, and it may even be a way to hint at the newly rumored Night Mode.

Source: Pete Lau on Weibo

Source: Pete Lau on Weibo

What does it mean?

The new Night Mode feature was first rumored last week after an "official OnePlus representative" spoke about it to TrueTech, but we're still unsure exactly how it will work.

It may be similar to long-exposure modes we've seen on some other flagship phones this year, but it's unclear if this shot was taken free hand or using a tripod. Fingers crossed this is the kind of shot you can get with the phone in your hand.

But this photo from Lau is specifically a night time shot, which bodes well for Night Mode being a feature on the new phone. While there's no EXIF data attached to Lau's photo we can still tell it came from a 13MP rear shooter.

OnePlus is set to announce its new phone officially on October 29 - there was a last minute date change thanks to Apple - and we expect to learn all about the upgraded rear camera at that event.

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