Faraday Future unveils the FF 91, a speedy electric car that wants to take on Tesla

Faraday Future has unveiled its first production vehicle, the electric FF 91, at CES 2017. This comes exactly one year after Faraday raced onto the scene, announcing its intent to shake up the industry at CES 2016. 

Is it any closer to that goal? Well, that remains to be seen, but the car maker isn't lacking for ambition. It reiterated its plans to flip the auto world on its head during its CES presentation this year, and brought along an actual car to boot. 

The FF 91 ("nine one") is impressive, at least on paper. Its 130 kWh battery boasts a range of 378 miles and its motor 1,050 horsepower, and it's able to reach 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds. That beats a Tesla, Faraday claims. 

While not as sporty as the prototype vehicle revealed at last CES, the FF 91 has a crossover feel that might appeal to those drawn to the Tesla Model X. The car features a panoramic  glass roof and comfy interior, which seems to be a theme in cars at the show. 

The roof, rear and side windows also dim and shade, providing privacy with a tap. Necessary? Not really. Nifty? Absolutely. 

Of course, the FF 91 is connected to the gills, including multiple modems in the car to keep users hooked up. The car also features facial recognition capabilities for unlocking without a key. Cameras inside the FF 91 will also recognize users and pull up preferences like seat position and ideal temperatures when they enter the vehicle. 

The FF 91's doors will also open automatically and adjust to preferred settings if someone has an FF ID on them, yet another way it's connected all the time. 

As with Tesla, intelligent driving also figures into the FF 91. It features retractable LIDAR and other cameras and sensors - more than any other vehicle, Faraday says - to "correct driving decisions." 

Most impressive is a Driverless Valet system that will basically park the car once the driver has stepped out of their car. The FF 91 will also report to drivers at a specific time and pick up location as well, though this feature is limited to privately owned spots until legislation catches up. 

The big question is when you can actually buy one of Faraday's vehicles, and luckily for it, Faraday actually has an answer. 

You can can reserve a FF 91 now directly from the company for a refundable $5,000. The first 300 to place an order will be able to upgrade their reservation in March to the Alliance Edition launch series. Expectant drivers should start seeing their FF 91's pull up beginning next year. 

Of course, the even bigger question is whether Faraday can deliver given persisting reports it's basically on its last breath as a company. Faraday seems poised to ride the wave of good vibes coming off the FF 91 reveal, but those could be gone faster than it takes the car to go from zero to 60. 

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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