Nest is turning this smart home hub into an expensive paperweight

Revolv smart home hub

Two years after acquiring it, Nest has decided to completely shut down smart home hub maker Revolv, leaving users with a dead chunk of plastic.

That is to say, not only will Nest no longer support the Revolv app and hardware, but the hub and software will be shut down and all data deleted starting May 15.

"Revolv was a great first step toward the connected home, but we believe that Works with Nest is a better solution and are allocating resources toward that program," the Alphabet-owned Nest said in a statement.

Revolv's founders note in a letter to customers on their website that after it was acquired by Nest, the team became an integral part of the Works with Nest platform, which they too say is a far superior platform.

"Now Works with Nest is turning into something more secure, more useful and just flat-out better than anything Revolv created," the letter reads.

"So we're pouring all our energy into Works with Nest and are incredibly excited about what we're making."

As Nest stopped selling Revolv products as soon as it acquired it, it's unclear how many people will actually be affected by the shut down.

Still, Nest's decision does leave those owners with little to no options after spending a few hundred on the smart home hub.

The Revolv website notes that all warranties for its products are no longer under valid. Nest and Revolv directed all concerned individuals to contact Revolv customer support.

Via Business Insider