Coros Vertix is a Garmin Fenix competitor designed to go up mountains

Image Credit: Coros

Coros has only launched two sports watches before today, but the new Coros Vertix is the company's most accomplished watch yet and it's designed specifically for mountain athletes.

Whether you're planning to go climbing or trail running, the idea is that the Coros Vertix has enough features to keep you going at quite a pace as well as being durable enough to take a few hits and knocks on the way.

The watch itself is 48mm, so it's not small and it comes in four different color variants that you can see below. It features a 1.2-inch display, which is covered in sapphire glass, and the watch itself is waterproof up to 150 meters.

The estimated battery life of this watch is up to 60 hours when using the GPS features, which if true is quite impressive. There's also a low power battery mode that ensures the watch can last for around 150 hours.

Why would you want this with you when scaling a mountain? One of the main highlights is the Altitude Performance System that measures the oxygen levels in your blood.

That data allows you to keep an eye on your likelihood of altitude sickness. It's a feature that begins when you're above 2,500 meters, and it will use the pulse oximeter to monitor your oxygen levels.

If you near levels that the watch considers unhealthy, it will give you recommendations on what to do next.

There's also an optical heart rate sensor, and this watch will be suitable for tracking your runs too as well as cycling and swimming.

This won't come cheap though as it's set to cost $599 for the most basic model. We don't currently have an idea on a UK or Australian release date or pricing information, but we know it's coming to the US on June 4.

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