Over a million UK kids have no home computer access

Over a million British kids have no computer access at home
Over a million British kids have no computer access at home

A new report reveals that over a million British schoolkids have no access to a computer at home, with the Department for Education refusing to comment on the findings.

With over a million UK children 'lacking access to computers' at home, the impact on their education is clear, with computers becoming an increasingly important tool for homework and working on collaborative school projects.

Two million not online

In addition to the worryingly high number of kids that do not have access to a PC or Mac at home, nearly two million are also unable to get online at home, according to the report from the the E-Learning Foundation charity.

Those children from the poorest families in the UK are two-and-a-half-times less likely to have net access at home compared with kids from families at the other end of the social spectrum.

The E-Learning Foundation has a clear objective – to ensure every British school-age child has access to a computer with an internet connection at home.

Poverty tech trap

The Department for Education has so far refused to comment on the latest findings.

The E-Learning Foundation's chief executive, Valerie Thompson, said: "With so many children swamped with gifts from family and friends over the Christmas period it is important we reflect on the fact that millions of children live in poverty in this country.

"For those at school, this translates into very tangible disadvantages when it comes to completing homework, researching topics, independent learning, and communicating with teachers and classmates on the school learning platform.

"Without the use of a computer and the ability to go online at home the attainment gap that characterises children from low income families is simply going to get worse."

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