Office 365 is about to become even more useful thanks to AI

Office 365 is about to become even more useful thanks to AI

Office 365 will soon be able to schedule your appointments in a flash thanks to Microsoft's acquisition of chatbot startup Genee.

Genee, which has only be around for two and a half years, is a digital assistant that books appointments, set reminders, and can even reschedule meetings on the fly using simple commands from your phone or computer.

Though the smart scheduler is sure to have its uses in Office 365, it hasn't been made clear exactly what role Genee will play for Microsoft's workplace suite.

"As we continue to build new Office 365 productivity capabilities and services our customers value, I'm confident the Genee team will help us further our ambition to bring intelligence into every digital experience," writes corporate vice president for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Rajesh Jha, in an official release.

According to Genee co-founders Ben Cheung and Charles Lee, the service in its current form will shut down September 1. While current Genee users will no longer have their reminders and schedule sent to them, any entries the program has already put into their calendar will still continue to exist.

It's still a mystery exactly how Genee will augment the Office 365 experience, we can't help but think the startup might wind up working on Microsoft Bookings - Microsoft's own scheduling service that the company rolled out just last month.

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