Weird Obama bug is the latest issue to plague Apple's iMessage app

Weird Obama bug is the latest issue to plague Apple's iMessage app
Another iMessage bug spotted

The Apple iMessage client for iPhone and Mac OS X is apparently experiencing a strange bug which omits the last word of a sentence when specific phrases are used.

Oddly, any message involving President Barack Obama or the phrase 'the best prize is a surprise' will leave out the last word of the message for both the sender and recipient.

Instead of the word there'll be a series of spaces. However if users copy and paste the message rather than type it, the message appears as it should.

Strangely enough, it seems the issue is not affecting the iMessage client for iPad users.

Series of issues

This isn't the first issue to plague the Apple-to-Apple messaging service in recent months. There have been a number of iCloud outages which have rendered the service useless for hours at a time.

Also, just last month we reported on an issue that saw certain iOS developers targetted by DDoS attacks that forced the iMessage app to crash.

Another security loophole allowed the entire iMessage archive to be accessed simply by placing the sim card in a different iPhone.

And finally, earlier this month, on the other hand, one expert stated that iMessage was so secure that not even the authorities could decrypt messages.

This latest instance is certainly the least serious of those listed, but we can imagine leaving the last word off any message may alter the meaning of a few texts. Especially those involving the president!

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