OS X Lion stats show just 1.5% OS share

OS X Lion stats show just 1.5% OS share
Apple's OS - not hitting the big numbers

Apple's latest operating system OS X Lion isn't setting the computing world on fire as the company would have hoped, with new stats showing it has just a 1.5 per cent share of the market.

These figures come from advertising network Chitka, which took the liberty of analysing the OS X Lion's recent traffic statistics, and found that while usage of the OS was averaging 4.05 per cent month on month, this has slowed right down a mere 0.98 per cent a month.

Roar data

It seems that OS X Lion isn't faring well when compared to just Mac operating systems either, with stats showing that just 16 per cent of Mac users have the system installed, compared to 56 per cent on Snow Leopard 10.6 and 22 per cent on Leopard 10.5.

At least it is beating Tiger 10.4, which is languishing with just 5 per cent Mac OS market share.

Speaking about the results, Ryan Cavanagh from Chitka said: "Apple's 'most advanced' operating system OS X Lion (formally OS X 10.7) hasn't exactly been their most popular release.

"The once hyped OS X Lion is now in a state of arrested development; they're growing, but not nearly at the rate newly released operating systems have grown in the past.

"Historically Mac users are quick to adopt the latest Apple software, as in the case with our iOS5 report, leading us to believe there are some real issues preventing users from making the $29.99 upgrade."


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