Apple launches thousands of iPad apps

2,500 iPad apps already available for download in the US iTunes Store a day before the device launches

The iTunes store already has more than 2,500 iPad apps, many of which will be well-known to regular iPhone users, with Apple releasing the new iPad apps a day before the official launch of the new tablet PC device in the US.

The apps range from new (and upgraded) games, through to entertainment, news, travel and reference applications.

US users can view all of the newapplications for Apple's iPad now in the iTunes App Store

Comics, TV, newspapers

Apps such as Twitterific, AIM and Pandora will be familiar to iPhone users, while new apps such as the new Marvel comic reader, Netflix and new iPad-friendly versions of leading national newspapers in the US are already garnering rave reviews by early users.

Hardcore gamers are already getting excited about the fact that games such as Bizarre Creation's sublime Geometry Wars and Sega's Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition are already available to purchase for Apple's new portable computer.

Some commenters have pointed towards the fact that iPad apps seem to be noticeably more expensive on average than iPhone and iPod touch apps.

For example, Lonely Planet Publications' 1,000 Ultimate Experiences costs $19.99, MLB At Bat costs $14.99 and diagramming program OmniGraffle is priced at a whopping $49.99.

Men in queues

Apple also announced that the new iPad will work fine with most of the 150,000 apps in the App Store.

"If you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, just sync them to iPad from your Mac or PC. They run in their original size or you can expand them to fill the iPad screen," Apple says on its website.

The iPad goes on sale tomorrow in the US. Expect pictures of men in queues outside Apple stores all over the internet shortly…