15-inch MacBook Air in production?

15-inch MacBook Air in production?
Just like this, but 4-inches bigger

The latest Apple rumour to hit our inboxes suggests that Apple has a 15-inch MacBook Air in production, as advanced as the testing phase.

The intel comes from Macotakara, a Japanese Mac-obsessed blog that has been right about certain Apple-related tit bits in the past, and quotes an Asian source as the tributary for its information.

There's some debate over whether this 15-inch notebook will be a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, however; there is already a 15-inch Pro but it doesn't feature the door-wedge design nor the super slimness of the Air range.


If it does turn out to be a MacBook Pro, though, we'd expect a 13-inch and 17-inch model to launch at the same time, thus overhauling the whole range.

But the MacBook Pro range had a little boost just last week, albeit just to Sandy Bridge processors, which makes us suspicious of there being another imminent launch.

The other little snippet provided by Macotakara's source was the fact that the 15-inch notebook, whatever its name, will come without an optical disk drive – but no surprise there, if it's to be Air-shaped.

We like Macotakara, and the site has been right about certain iPhone-related spec in the past; so we'll give a soupçon of credence to their latest rumour and rate it 'quite likely' on the TechRadar rumourometer.


From Macotakara via The Next Web

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