High-tech cameras help end domestic violence

The use of high-tech cameras has been 'a big success' in the clampdown on domestic violence

Police officers in Hartlepool are branding the use of high-tech cameras 'a big success' in the clampdown on domestic violence.

Two 'state-of-the-art', pencil-sized 'headcams' worn by specialist officers over the Christmas period have collated enough evidence to prove offences where victims were refusing to testify in court.

The cameras were used in around 10 separate incidents, including some where children were involved, police said.

Sgt Helen Eustace of Cleveland Police , said: "The cameras can be used to gather some powerful evidence which often doesn't come across in a written statement. The video footage can show the state of a property, the victim's injuries and the whole aftermath of the event.

"The cameras also help in the case of unsupported prosecutions where the victim does not want to press charges," Eustace said.

The cameras were used in Hartlepool under a pilot scheme, alongside a major domestic violence poster campaign in the city. It is the first time that Cleveland Police have used the equipment.

Hartlepool mayor Stuart Drummond said: "If we can use new technology to tackle problems and make life easier for all concerned then it must be embraced.

"I am pleased that these cameras have so far proved very successful, and I hope that they will become more widely used in the future," he said.