Chrome 87 makes it easier to tackle tab overload, and you can download it now

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The release of Chrome 87 is significant for a number of reasons. Not only is it the last version of Google's browser due to be released in 2020, but it also includes a host of improvements, including speed and security improvements and a raft of new features.

Security and performance enhancements are always welcome in a web browser, and Google has done great work with Chrome 87 in numerous ways to speed things up. The browser now starts 25% faster, and CPU usage has been reduced by up to five times, meaning it uses less power and your laptop battery will last longer.

While the performance boost will vary from computer to computer, and will be for individuals to judge, the new features can be enjoyed by everyone. In recent versions of Chrome, Google has been gradually making a number of important improvements to the way tabs work, including adding pinning and grouping options.

This development continues with version 87 of the browser, with Google adding the ability to search open tabs to save you having to manually hunt them down. This is a great option for anyone who finds themselves buried under a sea of tabs – and search even works across multiple browser windows.

Stick it on the tab

Other tab improvements in the latest version of Chrome include the focusing of resources on the active tab, which Google says has enabled it to improve performance and reduce power usage. The Android version of Chrome is also seeing speed improvements thanks to caching, which allows for faster backwards and forwards navigation.

Google is also making the omnibar – or the address bar to you and I – more useful. As well as serving as the location to type addresses or search terms, this can now be used to access various functions of Chrome without having to navigate through settings. There are numerous 'actions' that you can perform, including clearing browsing data by typing 'delete history', 'clear cache' or 'wipe cookies', or opening an incognito window by typing 'launch incognito mode' or just 'incognito'.

Google points out that while these are features of Chrome 87, not all users will see them straight away, as they'll be rolled out gradually. Chromebook users will get access to features such as tab search first, before they're made available to other desktop users.

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