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Best cheap iPhone deals in the US for June 2017

Cheap iPhone deals are a reality in the US now that it's 2017 and Apple's decade old phone has hit peak saturation. You can now get deals, even on an iPhone 7.

The best place to find a iPhone discount is through American carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Stores like Target also have cheap iPhone prices.

However, there are even cheaper iPhone deals out there if you look beyond the latest and greatest iPhone 7 series. Below are the best iPhone deals for June.

Cheap iPhone deals

You could pay as much as $769.99 for the latest iPhone 7 Plus with entry-level storage, or even $969 for the 256GB version. But let's avoid that.

AT&T has an iPhone 7 Buy One Get One Free deal and an iPhone 7 Plus BOGO, too. It's anywhere from $21 to $25 monthly for the single iPhone. Looking for an even iPhone on Verizon? Monthly plans start at $13 for iPhone SE, $18 for iPhone 6S and $21 iPhone 6S Plus.

Verizon is offering $100 off the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, either in 128GB or 256GB. This discount, however, requires new line activation, so you have to be a new customers (or add a new line). 

Target has 200 off the newest iPhone if you're switching between certain carriers. This cheap iPhone deal includes the new Red iPhone 7, but discounts vary from carrier to carrier.

T-Mobile is sending you a free iPhone in a very specific Buy One Get One iPhone SE Free deal. A rebate comes in the form of a $400 prepaid Mastercard.

Also, T-Mobile has 256GB iPhones for the price of 128GB iPhones. It's a great way to get the max storage and not look insane for buying the 128GB version for the same exact price.

Sprint's phone contracts are cheap and easy with many of them consisting of just 18 months instead of 24 months and costing less than the competition. Better yet, you can trade-in your working phone in 12 months and get the next iPhone for free, presumably the iPhone 8.

We'll continue to update this page with cheap iPhone offers that we find, as they change from month to month.