Toyota opens its in-car box with direct Pandora integration

Pandora Toyota
FJ Cruisin onto Australian cars this month

Get ready to cause a Rukus on the roads, as Toyota Corollas out support for Pandora internet radio across a wide range of its vehicles.

Pandora's personalised radio stations will be available on vehicles with Toyota Link, so the days of listening to rubbish radio while you RAV4 your engine will be well and truly behind you.

Using your smartphone's data connection, you can listen to many more than 86 (technically up to 100) different personalised radio stations, with controls replicated on the car's in-dash head unit.

Yaris, the Prius is right

The Hilux of this new system is that it will work from the moment your smartphone is paired to your stereo over Bluetooth, helping to Camry your musical tastes with you with a minimum of effort.

While Pandora has been integrated into plenty of other manufacturer's cars before now, this will help expand the Pandora footprint much further as Toyota is Australia's highest selling car brand.

But really, this news still only does a little to lessen the news that Toyota is avoiding CarPlay and Android Auto for now.

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