These are the best and worst countries to drive around according to Waze

Waze app
The Waze app.

What's the driving experience like in your neck of the woods? Google-owned sat nav app Waze has used data from its 50 million users (stretched across 32 countries) to come up with a list of the best and worst places in the world to be a driver at the moment.

The Driver Satisfaction Index measures traffic levels, road quality, road infrastructure, driver safety, driver services, access to cars, petrol prices and the helpfulness of the Waze community in calculating a score out of ten. A ten is driving utopia and a 1 is driving hell.

The top five nations for drivers are the Netherlands with 7.9, Latvia on 7.3, the United States on 7.2, Sweden on 7.2 as well and the Czech Republic in fifth on 7.1.

At the bottom of the pile we have Ecuador on 3.7, Colombia with 3.3, Venezuela with 3.1, Guatemala with 3.0 and El Salvador on a measly 2.1.

Drive me crazy

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, was found to be the city with the worst traffic on Earth - if you're planning on a visit in the near future you might want to try walking instead.

The United Kingdom sits mid-table in the traffic index with a score of 5/10. It's just below Canada and just above Brazil in terms of congestion.

Waze users can help out other drivers by reporting road conditions, and there's also the opportunity inside the app to indicate your current mood. Using this data, Waze found its members were happiest in Belgium. Mood doesn't always match up with traffic conditions though.

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