Electric dreams: There's over 500 Teslas on Australian roads

Tesla Australian sales

Tesla may like to keep its sales figures close to the chest, but a count of the Teslas registered to drive on Australian roads has the number at over 500. That'll teach you to keep secrets, Musk & Co!

According to EFTM, Tesla has sold at least 536 of its Model S electric car in Australia. That's no mean feat for a car that starts at around $125,000, depending on which state you're in.

The lion's share have been snapped up by well heeled residents of New South Wales and Victoria, while one solitary vehicle patrols the dusty roads of the Northern Territory.

Fast figures

The specific breakdown of each state's Tesla sales are as follows:

  • NSW – 261
  • Vic – 163
  • Qld – 57
  • SA – 17
  • Tas – 7
  • ACT – 10
  • WA – 20
  • NT – 1

Australian car buyers are notoriously conservative when it comes to colour, but it's surprising that even Aussies who buy futuristic electric cars like the Model S don't like to get too fancy with their hue.

Boring old white is the most popular colour among Tesla owners, with 26 per cent of cars rolling out of showrooms in its fridge-like glory. Blue adorns 19 per cent of Australia's Teslas, and red 16 per cent.

The remaining cars are split between black, grey, silver, the signature red, green and brown. Maybe we should be grateful that brown comes in dead last.