TomTom for iPhone to support multitasking

TomTom taking advantage of iPhone 4
TomTom taking advantage of iPhone 4

TomTom will release a new version of its popular iPhone app that will take advantage of the new iPhone 4's multitasking.

Apple overtly mentions navigation apps in its multitasking page for the iPhone 4, and TomTom has indicated that it will be taking advantage.

This will mean that you can get turn-by-turn guidance at the same time as using other applications and functions on the phone.

Free updates for current users

"The current version of the TomTom app for iPhone (version 1.3) is available for purchase via the App Store, and both current and new owners of the app will be able to update to the new version immediately upon its availability for no additional charge," said TomTom

"As an additional incentive for new users to start using the application, TomTom is currently offering the UK& Ireland and Western Europe versions of the app at a discounted price of £54.99 and £42.99 respectively."

There is also a new pricing for the TomTom HD Traffic updates – £22.99 for a year's subscription.


"As TomTom continues to innovate and to take advantage of new capabilities of the iOS 4, users of the TomTom app will benefit from the combination of TomTom's most advanced and acclaimed features and the iPhone's unique functionality," said Tom Murray, senior vice president of market development for TomTom Inc.

"We are pleased to integrate multitasking capabilities to the newest version of our TomTom app, and to be able to ensure that users can now enjoy other iPhone features while they continue to receive the best routing directions from their TomTom application."

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