Audi adds online video to car servicing

Audi Cam
Are Audi owners really ready to see the dirty truth about their cars?

The undersides of most cars – even very new cars – are dirty and frankly a bit scary. So we're not sure what owners of upmarket Audis are going to make of Audi Cam, a new online service that gives Audi customers access to video service reports.

According to Audi, "the new Audi Cam service will be the first in the world to enable technicians carrying out workshop inspections to focus hand-held 'Audi Cams' on specific problems, to deliver verbal diagnoses and to send the resulting film clips to customers' home computers or smartphones before any work begins."

The Audi Cam website

Using a hand-held camera, the Audi technician produces narrated film clips that are embedded in customer-specific PIN-protected web pages that are emailed to customers. The page includes video and audio commentary, VAT-inclusive pricing for each job, personal technician and service team profiles and action buttons for automatic authorisation of work.

Apparently all Audi technicians have undergone training and the service is being rolled out nationwide in the UK.

Audi reckons the service will streamline the service and repair process as well as give customers more confidence and reduce scepticism. Inevitably, it also says Audi Cam is progress through technology in the best tradition of Vorsprung durch Technik.

If you own an Audi and experience the Audi Cam service, we'd love to hear what you make of it – genuinely useful and reassuring or a gimmick that's only likely to push up servicing costs?


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