Apple self-driving car not happening? Meeting with the DMV says otherwise

Apple car

A new report is giving more merit to the rumors that Apple has been working on a self-driving car, suggesting the company's legal team has met with officials from California's DMV.

The Guardian has reportedly obtained documents that say Apple's senior legal counsel, Mike Maletic, met with the DMV's deputy director, Bernard Soriano, and the chief of strategic planning, Stephanie Dougherty, as well as deputy director and chief counsel for the DMV, Brian Soublet on August 17.

And if there is doubt as to the nature of the meeting - Soriano and Dougherty are co-sponsors of the autonomous car regulation project.

But while it looks like Apple is gearing up to begin testing its driver-less cars, we don't anticipate the tech giant will reveal much just yet.

Keeping quiet

Of course, despite the numerous rumors surrounding the possibility that Apple has been secretly working on its own self-driving cars, the company has so far remained silent.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook kept quiet earlier this week when Stephen Colbert asked him about it on the Late Show.

Uber founder Travis Kalanick had come on the show the week before and told him directly that Apple was in fact making it's own self-driving car.

"When he was here, he said, you know Apple is working on a driver-less car. So he's already given it away," Colbert said on the show, before asking Cook to tell him about it.

"We look at a lot of things along the way, and we just decide to put our energies into a few of those," was all that Cook said in response.

But also didn't deny anything when Colbert conspiratorially whispered, "They're doing it."

You can check out Colbert's interview with Cook below: