Olympus announces new camera trio

Olympus has been busy of late with the unveiling of three new cameras, the FE-360 and FE-370 and the Mju 1060.

You'll be glad to hear that the FE-360 and FE-370 are not pandering to the ridiculous pixel war that's broken out between compact manufacturers, as the two cameras have been equipped with a modest but not earth-shattering 8MP sensor.

This means Olympus has managed to fit in an impressive 3x and 5x optical zoom in the two cameras respectively and face detection technology in the FE-370, which can detect up to 16 faces in one image.

Great for big families or those who want to take images of their favourite rugby team (including the ref!).

Both cameras shoot to microSD and house a 2.5in (FE-360) and 2.7in (FE-370) LCD screen.

Mju goodness

The other camera to be announced by Olympus is the Mju 1060 which houses an optical zoom to an unbelievable 7x.

The camera also comes equipped with a 10MP sensor, a 3.0in HyperCrystal LCD screen and images that can also be shot to microSD.

The Mju 1060 has the usual array of camera features, including Advanced Face Detection, Shadow Adjustment and Intelligent Auto Mode. There's also a panorama option available and a non-HD movie function.

The new Olympus FE cameras will be available in September for £129.99 and £179.99, while the Mju 1060 is also available in September 2008 for around £259.99.

Marc Chacksfield

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