BT launches 5G mobile service to more than 20 cities and towns

bt mobile 5g
(Image credit: BT)

The wait is over. BT has launched its 5G smartphone plans and in doing so becomes the third provider in the UK to utilise the super-speedy technology. Racing ahead of networks like O2 and Three – currently without 5G mobile offerings – BT Plus and BT Business customers will now have the exclusive opportunity to upgrade to 5G.

BT Plus customers are able to choose from a 12GB, 30GB, 60GB or 200GB handset plan, with devices from a range of manufacturers (including Samsung and Huawei) and monthly costs starting at £45. Even better, with the introduction its Halo offering in November, 5G and BT Plus customers can go all out with unlimited data.

Meanwhile, BT Business customers have a number of 5G mobile plans at their disposal – 6GB, 30GB, or 60GB – so companies needn’t fret about the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce.


But what’s so great about 5G from BT? “Our 5G service provides customers with a faster and more reliable connection in high demand, crowded areas across the UK at peak times,” said Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division.

Piggy-backing on EEs 5G Network, BT says that its mobile service will be the most extensive in the UK and available in over twenty locations, such as London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and Bristol: another sign of its commitment to increased connectivity.

Locations with 5G coverage should see connection speeds increase by around 100-150Mb. So the days of reading the Metro over a commuter’s shoulder because your Netflix app keeps buffering could be coming to an end!

Daniel Pateman

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