Bloodborne is finally coming to PC... kind of

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Despite rumors of a Bloodborne port coming to PC, it’s unfortunately never been officially revealed. But, thanks to a dedicated and talented team of developers, we’ll now have a PS1 demake style of the game.

Bloodborne PSX is a “demake” of the original PS4 title, reimagined in the graphical style of a PlayStation X game. It won’t cover the entire game, but the devs will at least cover the Father Gascoigne fight and possibly even up to Vicar Amelia.

This particular demake also isn’t interested in recreating Bloodborne perfectly but will instead feature alterations to map design, mechanics, and dialogue. One of the devs elaborated: “Think of this as a PS1-style remix or reimagination of Bloodborne’s first few areas.”

Bloodborne PSX will release as f

reeware on January 31, 2022.

Analysis: Impressive but illegal?

Fan projects such as these have always straddled a fine line in regards to their own legality. Though plenty have been allowed to flourish for years as the IP holders ignore or even encourage their creation and release, some fan games have infamously met their demise in the past, even with significant progress made. Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto, and Spyro the Dragon to name several IPs in the latter group.

Neither Sony nor FromSoftware is particularly well known for shutting down fan projects and has even allowed Yarntown (a reimagining of the first section of Bloodborne with a Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past aesthetic) to release unchallenged.

However, a dev did state that a cease and desist from either company would “effectively mean the cancellation of BloodbornePSX,” since the demake isn’t officially endorsed by the developers. And with the release a little less than three months away, there’s still plenty of time for the situation to change.

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