The best Black Friday 2017 deals in India


Black Friday is one of the biggest technology sales events of the year, it may technically be over now but many of the best deals are still available so it's still well worth having a look through our list of the best remaining offers.

In the last couple of years, the influence of Black Friday has crossed the oceans and reached India, thanks to growing e-commerce platforms and a digitally native youth population. 

Black Friday is still fairly new in India though, and unlike other big festive shopping periods such as Diwali, it's very much restricted to e-commerce sales. 

Each year we are seeing more and more discounts provided on Black Friday, but sadly the ecommerce twins Flipkart and Amazon, did not jump into the biggest sale day this year. 

There is no official participation from the e-commerce giants like Flipkart and PayTm in Black Friday 2017 in India, but Amazon in particular is promoting international partners through its Amazon Global Store

How to get products from Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals delivered to India?

As we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring some amazing deals on both tech and non-tech products, we’ve found out a way for you to get access to these deals and get them in India. You can get these products buy and shipped to India. 

There are courier partners and services that get the ordered product shipped to a warehouse in the US or UK and then ship it to your address irrespective of what country you are in. The package forwarding service on signing up provide you a virtual address of the country you are ordering from, which you can use to order your product. When you place your order from an e-commerce platform like, you can make payment as usual and set the delivery address as the given virtual address. 

You must know that there are some charges involved apart from the cost of the product. In 90 percent of cases, you need to pay some sign up amount to the package forwarding service. On top of that, you will have to bear the shipping expenses along with custom charges. The size and weight of the package also influences the final cost, which essentially means bigger and heavier packages may cost you lot more than a small one. Other than this, you need to check for receiving fee, where you are charged per item received from the package forwarding service. 

You can opt for some additional services like repackaging, inspecting, verifying the product contents, and even consolidating multiple parcels into one shipment.

Most of us know about shipping restrictions but another issue is with the payment. Most of the sites restrict acceptance of several credit card services leaving customers with a choice to pay using PayPal. Like virtual delivery address, there’s also a virtual Debit Card service that allows payments by customers from other parts of the globe. 

Best Black Friday deals 

SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse for Rs 5,999 - was Rs 8,999

The Rival 700 hardware is modular, too, giving users the autonomy to snap covers on and off and even swap between a three- and six-foot USB cable. There are even tactile alerts in place, set to trigger vibrations when in-game resources are replenished. Overall, a distinct piece of tech. This deal is rare as the mouse usually sells for 40% more of the current selling price. 

Fitbit Blaze now for Rs. 10,159 - was Rs 15,999

If you're looking for a Fitbit that bridges the world between fitness tracker and smartwatch, then the Fitbit Blaze is the one for you. What's more, this is the cheapest that it's ever been at .

Oculus Rift bundle now for Rs 38742 - was not available in India

For Oculus fans in India, your favourite Oculus Rift Bundle is now on sale on Amazon at the best possible price in India. Patience is a virtue. Waiting to jump on the VR bandwagon means that you can score a massive deal on one of the best VR headsets on the market. To that end, Oculus Rift + Touch are available right now from Amazon.

GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera for Rs. 29,499 - was Rs 36,999

The Hero5 Black is the GoPro we always wanted. The new waterproof design out-of-the-box makes it more resilient and the new camera has enough to make it a convincing update. The picture quality is better, it finally has video stabilization and the touchscreen makes it easier to use than any other GoPro. Sale items aside, it's cheaper than most prices for the older GoPro Hero 4 Black now too.

HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset for Rs. 2,386 - was Rs 3,999

The Cloud Stinger is a extraordinary headset in the budget segment. Crisp sound, comfort, and an attractive design make it a great deal for beginners looking for a gaming headset, or anyone who just needs reasonable quality at a good price.

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50AT in-ear earphones for Rs 1,852 - was Rs 2,490

These extra bass earphones from the house of Sony are best in the range for people looking for that edge when it comes to bass. Other than that, the earphones provide crisp sound and sits comfortably in ears. 

SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Pen Drive for Rs 1,908 - was Rs 3,390

If you're looking for a high-capacity pen drive but its price was holding you back, now might be a really good time to invest in one. As part of the Black Friday celebration, Amazon is offering SanDisk Ultra 128GB pen drive for Rs 1,908 which is almost 45% off on its normal retail price. The pen drive transfers files at up to 150mbps and you can also connect it to your smartphones via the in-built OTG port.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones for Rs 9,626

These extra bass wireless headphones are available for a steep price of Rs 9,626 as they ship from the US. In India, they retail for Rs 13,990. The Sony XB950B1 are a bassheads envy with its 40mm drivers that are capable of producing that thump along with keeping the depth in the music.

How to find a safe and reliable package forwarding service in UK/US

It is always recommended to check for reviews and ratings of the package forwarding services online. Signing up could be free or may be payable, so comparing the fee and charges across the options is also a wise thing to do. 

What if a parcel goes missing or is damaged? 

There are some parcel forwarding services which insure your product until the order has reached its final destination. Otherwise, there are high risk in opting for these services. Even if the parcel is packed carefully by the retailer, having a middlemen in between is always a risky job until the forwarding service has a certain reputation and experience. You have to be sure who has to be blamed if something goes wrong. You won't know if the fault is from the retailer's end or the forwarding service has done the loss. Reviews always help the best to differentiate between more professional and the unprofessional parcel forwarding service.