BenQ's 4K projector is finally on sale – but gamers face a hard choice

BenQ TK700STi
(Image credit: BenQ)

BenQ's latest gaming projector has landed, and it may be good news for those of you with an Xbox Series X or PS5 – or even a Nintendo Switch.

The TK700STi is a 4K HDR beamer able to natively output in 4K resolution – rather than upscale from HD, as so many projectors do. That means the influx of 4K-capable games on next-gen consoles will be able to show themselves off in true Ultra HD detail – while a respectable level of input lag should keep gameplay feeling smooth and responsive. 

We're told that, "With high brightness, 96% Rec. 709, HDR game compatibilities and an impressive 16ms response time [how long it takes for pixels to change color] at 4K 60Hz, the newest projector provides top-of-the-line gameplay experiences in unprecedented 4K resolution."

BenQ also claims the TK700STi offers input lag [the delay between controller inputs and the action onscreen] of just 4ms at 1080p 240Hz, and 8.33ms at 1080p 120Hz, though that does go up to 16.67ms at 1080p 60Hz and 33ms at 4K 30Hz. For a projector, those figures aren't bad by any means, even if the lack of HDMI 2.1 support means you won't get the heights of 4K/120Hz (an uncommon sight even on the latest consoles, to be fair).

This is one of a few new BenQ models announced for this year, with the 'i' designating an overhauled smart TV interface supplied by Android TV (the same OS used in Sony TVs).

But the main draw of the TK700STi is in its gaming features, including three dedicated gaming presets, for shooters (FPS), sports (SPG) and role-playing games (RPG) – while a 3,000 lumens brightness will mean you're not straining to see the projection in mild ambient light. You get a max 100-inch projection too – at a 2.2 meter distance.

The TK700STi is now on sale for $1,600 / £1,159 / AU$2,599 and rolling out to stores in the US, UK and Australia.

Resolution vs refresh rates

It's worth noting that BenQ recently released the X1300i, an HD alternative with the same gamer-centric modes, and which might make more sense for those making do with the Xbox Series S (which upscales games to 4K) or Nintendo Switch (which caps output at 1080p in TV mode).

The X1300i is around the same price, oddly, though it's likely because it offers a 120Hz refresh rate while the TK700STi is capped at 60Hz – meaning you have to decide whether 4K resolution or high refresh rates are most important to you.

You can check out our BenQ X1300i review here, and see whether its boxy shape and short-throw projection is quite right for your home gaming setup – or wait for our review of the TK700STi in the coming weeks to compare.

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