Star Wars puts out the Holiday Special of electronic albums

Star Wars Headspace
Star Wars Headspace

Just when you thought the Star Wars merchandise deluge was over, Disney goes and releases what can only be called the Holiday Special of electronic albums.

In a partnership with Hollywood Records and American Recordings, Disney and producer Rick Rubin today announced Headspace, an EDM album that blends the sound effects from your favorite series in the history of cinema with random tones and far too much bass.

Tracks on this frightening mash-up include "Cantina Boys," "R2 Where R U?" and "Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder," by the likes of arguably popular electronic artists including Kaskade and Flying Lotus, who likely should've thought twice before signing on for this.

The first three tracks from the album were played on Beats 1 radio station on Apple Music during Zane Lowe's broadcast, and the album, should you choose to subject yourself to it, is available for pre-order today.

Surprisingly, this isn't Disney's first collaboration on an EDM album (remember the awesome collaboration with Daft Punk for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack?), nor is this Star Wars' first foray into contemporary music:

OK, so the last example isn't as contemporary.

But perhaps my cynicism is the equivalent of crying over spilled Bantha milk and there's a galaxy of fans out there who have anxiously awaited the mix of Star Wars and their favorite music genre.

Headspace will be available digitally on February 18, and to retail stores on March 18.

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