The most beautiful loudspeaker in Finland

Amphion's towering new speakers

Known for its super-cool cabinetwork, Finland’s finest loudspeaker manufacturer, Amphion, has announced details of a new flagship floorstander. The Xenon will represent the company’s top-of-the-range tower – a model Amphion describes as “the most beautiful loudspeaker in the amphion range” and who are we to argue?

There’s more to this beast than beauty, however. Amphion’s engineers have created a clever ‘hypercardioid’ cabinet that gives the speaker a unique diffusion pattern, making it far less sensitive to close-wall placement than conventional ported designs.

Bass Adjustment System

In fact, practicality is the watchword with this speaker – the Xenon also sports a special Bass Adjustment System (BAS), which Amphion says gives perfect bass response regardless of room dimensions or speaker placement. A simple rocker switch at the rear of the cabinet allows users to tailor the bass output to the environment.

The three-way ported speaker is based around a trio of aluminium drive units, including a 25mm tweeter, 170mm bass/mid driver and a 215mm bass unit. Amphion says that the total bass output tweaking range offered by its Bass Adjustment System is around 3dB.

Sensitivity is rated at 87dB and the 30kg speaker is said to extend right down to 28Hz and up to 20kHz.