Roberts RecordR brings back home taping with SD-toting radio

Roberts RecordR brings back home taping with SD-toting radio
Home taping - back to 'kill music' again

Roberts has unveiled a new DAB radio that allows you to record broadcasts to an SD or SDHD card, in the form of the Roberts RecordЯ.

Although we admire any company brave enough to take a leaf out of Toys'Я'Us's branding handbook, we're going to call it the RecordR from now on.

The company claims that using the SD recording functionality is easy as pie; inserting an SD or SDHD card and long-presing the record button ought to do the trick.

Ordr a Recordr

This way you can record up to 24 hours of radio, or pop the station on pause for an hour. Presumably, recorded radio can be transferred to another device by removing the SD card and moving the files via a computer - although we're waiting to hear back from Roberts on that.

Technically you could 'tape' music off the radio just like the olden days - albeit in better quality and with a growing sense of pointlessness.

Sadly the radio is as ugly as the ones we used in our last batch of mixtape-making - always disappointing when we know Roberts is capable of better.

As well as recording as you go, you can set the Roberts RecordR to record up to four different radio programmes, listen to DAB or FM radio, set 10 station presets and play MP3s via the line-in socket.

Yours for £99.99, the Roberts RecordR is available now.

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