Apple has accidentally revealed the Apple Watch 4 sizes

We’re fully expecting Apple to announce the Apple Watch 4 later today, but the company appears to have slightly jumped the gun, as its sitemap files were seemingly updated to include links to the unannounced wearable in 40mm and 44mm sizes.

The links don’t work and the sitemap list has been removed, but not before AllThingsHow took a screenshot and downloaded the sitemap.

If the sizes there are accurate – and they probably are given that they seemingly came from Apple’s own site – then the Apple Watch 4 could be larger than the Apple Watch 3, which comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes.

This isn’t totally surprising, as an earlier leak suggested that the Apple Watch 4’s screen could be 15% bigger than the Watch 3’s.

Part of Apple's leaked sitemap. Credit: AllThingsHow

Part of Apple's leaked sitemap. Credit: AllThingsHow

Lots of options but no ceramic

The URLs in this leak also reveal that the Apple Watch 4 will apparently come in Space Grey, Silver and Gold colors, all made from aluminum, but that there will also be stainless steel models, Hermes models and Nike models.

Both GPS and cellular versions of the Apple Watch 4 are listed, as you’d expect, as are various familiar strap choices, such as sport bands and Milanese loop. But there’s no mention of any ceramic options, so don’t count on being able to buy the Watch 4 in ceramic.

This isn’t the only information found on Apple’s sitemap though, as earlier we also learned from it that the upcoming phones would probably be called the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Hopefully there will still be some surprises.

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