Amazon Prime Video's next big TV show looks very familiar

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Amazon Prime Video's next big new TV show – not counting The Boys season 2 – is Utopia, which is coming to the streaming service on September 25. If that name sounds familiar to you, that's probably because it was the name of a British cult favorite TV series that ran on Channel 4 in the UK back in 2013 and 2014, before being cancelled.

Since then, attempts have been made at remaking it, including by HBO and director David Fincher. That version died back in 2015 due to budget disputes, but this new adaptation by Amazon Prime Video comes from Gillian Flynn, the acclaimed author and screenwriter behind Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. 

It should end up being pretty good, then – even if some fans of the original don't seem to love the first trailer. 

Utopia is about a group of people who stumble across a comic book called Utopia, which appears to accurately predict horrific events in humanity's future. Together, they encounter the book's main character, Jessica Hyde, and try to save the world from what they know is coming. The cast includes John Cusack, Rainn Wilson and Happy Death Day's Jessica Rothe.

Here's the Utopia trailer: 

The first season will be eight episodes long. 

Some fans don't like the remake

"They should've just make a third season of the original series," says one commenter on the trailer. "Looks really bland in comparison to the original." It's true that the original series had a very distinctive visual style and feel – but hopefully this new version will capture the best of it. 

Utopia isn't widely available to stream in the US, but you can import the region 2 DVD if you're desperate to see it. In the UK, it's available to watch on All4.

The Amazon remake will be available globally.

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