Amazon Echo Plus, Kindle Paperwhite and more up for Whole Foods Black Friday deals


With Amazon now the owner of the Whole Foods healthy-eating grocery chain, it should come as no surprise that it'd start putting its products on the shelves next to desiccated fruit and quinoa parcels.

As such, with deals season about to go into full Black Friday overdrive, Amazon is getting ready to slash the prices of its own-brand gear in Whole Foods stores.

And it's not just a warehouse full of old stuff Amazon is looking to get rid of. The deals include even the brand new Amazon Echo Plus.

Echo, Kindle and Fire deals

Over 100 Whole Foods stores will be offering Amazon-related offers, with pop-up stores dedicated to Amazon items being introduced for a brief time at Illinois, Michigan, Florida, California, and Colorado from November 13.

From the week leading into Black Friday, you'll be able to pick up at a Whole Foods Store:

TechRadar will be digging out all the best offers come Black Friday weekend, so stay locked on our deals pages for some massive savings.