Alexa gets new navigation skills for the Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon's Alexa smart assistant is no stranger to updates to expand its range of skills or functions. The latest, however, is bringing in some new directional functionality to better navigate streaming apps and services through the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Users are now able to use voice commands to move up, down, left, or right across a selection screen, mimicking the Fire TV remote's d-pad and moving closer to a truly hands-free viewing experience.

Commands like 'Alexa, go up' or 'Alexa, move left' can replace the basic remote functionality and make it all that easier to start your weekend TV binge - with the option to use Alexa to 'select' specific content seen on screen, rather than every search query being run through the app's entire content library.

The feature has been quietly rolling out over the past few weeks, but has now reached all Amazon Fire TV Cube devices. 

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There's currently no word on when the feature will be coming to less premium streaming devices like the Fire TV Stick, but we'd be surprised if Amazon didn't bring it across its entire Fire TV range eventually. 

Amazon is going full throttle on smart home connectivity, with a widening range of streaming devices and an increasingly flexible smart assistant appearing in everything from Sonos One hi-fi systems to Alexa-enabled microwaves.

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