AirPods Pro sales are still offering the lowest price yet on Apple earbuds

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AirPods Pro sales are holding fast in the US and UK, which means there's still time to grab a pair of Apple's premium true wireless earbuds at their lowest price yet. Not only that, but we've also spotted some extra discounts on second generation AirPods as well, so you can spend even less and still save in the latest AirPods deals. 

You'll find the AirPods Pro still available for $227.99 in the US, with Laptops Direct offering up a £219 sales price in the UK. We've been waiting for these earbuds to drop their price for a while now, and these continued sales offer just the discount many have been hoping for. However, if you're less concerned with active noise cancellation and malleable silicone tips you can get away with spending even less on cheap AirPods deals. 

The second generation AirPods drop all those extra features to provide solid audio in that classic Apple true wireless shape. We're seeing AirPods prices drop even further on these buds, which are now available for just $149 / £149 with the wireless charging case. That's fantastic news seeing as these buds were previously only reaching discounted prices of around $159 / £169. 

So, whether you're shopping AirPods Pro sales or for cheap AirPods deals, you'll find the lowest prices we've seen yet on Apple's line of true wireless earbuds still available this week. We don't know how long these savings will last, however, so you'll want to move quickly to secure yours at this price. If you've just missed out, you can still find all the best AirPods Pro prices and the cheapest AirPods deals going right now. 

Plus, we're looking to this year's Black Friday deals for more savings further down the line as well.

AirPods Pro sales in the US

Apple AirPods Pro | $249

Apple AirPods Pro | $249 $227.99 at Amazon
Active noise cancellation, transparency mode for making sure you're always hearing what you need to, and soft silicone tips, the AirPods Pro are Apple's premium true wireless earbud offering. Any discount on these buds is welcome, but this is the cheapest the Pros have ever been available for, and there's still time to grab this deal. These are currently listed at $229 on site, but there's an extra $2 discount to be found at checkout.  

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case | $199

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case | $199 $149.98 at Amazon
Not fussed about noise cancellation? The more traditional second generation AirPods with wireless charging are now available for $50 off at Amazon. You can also find the pair without that extra charging functionality for $139, but for the sake of $10 we'd really point you towards the wireless charger variant.

AirPods sales in the UK

Apple AirPods Pro | £299

Apple AirPods Pro | £299 £219 at Laptops Direct
The AirPods Pro sales are also holding fast in the UK, with this excellent saving from Laptops Direct. Grab the previously £300 true wireless earbuds for £219 right now and make the most of that premium experience.

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case | £199

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case | £199 £149 at Laptops Direct
Laptops Direct have also included the wireless charging second generation AirPods in their latest deals as well. These were usually found at a £169 sales price before the latest discounts, so you're picking up a steal here. You can also find the non-wireless charging version for £124.97.

Want to complete the ecosystem? You'll find plenty of Apple Watch sales also available right now, or if you're shopping for more headphone options, you'll find some excellent cheap noise cancelling headphones deals on sale. 

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