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A Space Invaders arcade cabinet for your home is a killer pre-Black Friday bargain

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Yeah, yeah – open world epics like Red Dead Redemption 2 are all well and good, and may look fantastic on a souped up gaming PC. But what if you want to get back to the roots of your gaming obsession? What if you want to twitch your wrist at a rate you've not managed since you were a smelly teenager?

Then we have the pre-Black Friday deal for you – over at Amazon, you can pick up the 3-quarter scale Arcade 1Up Space Invaders (opens in new tab) cabinet for just £240:

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Arcade 1Up Space Invaders Cabinet | £240 | was £349.99 (opens in new tab)
With its 17-inch LCD screen, this 3-quarter size arcade cabinet will let you relive the thrill of gaming in the 1970s from the comfort of your own home – and without the flared trousers, disco curls and questionable disc jockey choices of the era.

That's a saving of a huge £109.99 off the usual asking price, which is usually £300 for a saving of £31%.

If you're not a massive fan of Space Invaders, you'll also be pleased to hear that the Arcade1Up Space Invaders cabinet's innards are easily moddable too. Pick yourself up a Raspberry Pi, search online for a few tutorials, and you'll be able to play all manner of old-school arcade coin-ops on its vintage-styled hardware.

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