4K Apple TV launch tipped for September iPhone event

As if there weren't enough hints that a fifth-generation Apple TV was in the works, it appears even more likely Apple will unveil its next set-top box really soon.

Apple is gearing up to announce the next iteration of Apple TV, which will support 4K HDR content, sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg.

The upgraded Apple TV is said to get its official announcement this September, during the same event where Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8.

Faster processors in the set-top will not only help with outputting ultra-high definition video, the report says, but will make it better-equipped for live television streaming as well.

More pixels, more binge-watching

This isn't the first report we've seen pointing to a 4K Apple TV, with references to such a device uncovered just days ago in the latest beta of tvOS, alongside Apple seemingly adding 4K HDR films to the iTunes Store last month.

4K would likely be a welcome sight for Apple fans, as many 4K-capable alternatives like Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield and Chromecast Ultra all run on some form of Android — giving iOS-minded moviegoers few options for watching Ultra HD content.

The possibility of better live streaming is also intriguing, as the upgrade could better suit applications like Twitch and YouTube, while also improving cable-cutting services like the US-based Sling TV or possibly even Apple's rumored push into original programming.

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Parker Wilhelm
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