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How to upload to Google Photos on your phone, tablet or computer

Keep your pictures safe and secure

Google Photos
Image credit: Google

If you want to back up and store your photos and videos, one of your best options is to upload them to Google Photos, a cloud storage option. You can do so on Android phones, iPhones, tablets, Macs, or Windows PCs, as there are apps or options open to all platforms.

You can upload to Google Photos in 'High Quality' which gives you unlimited storage, but they'll be automatically compressed if they're over 16MP; alternatively you can store them as 'Original' which doesn't compress them, but gives you a 15GB limit, although you can buy more space if you want.

Sometimes it can be a little fiddly knowing how to upload to Google Photos though, as the app expects you to enable auto back-up or syncing, so if you want to add other images (or if the app, for whatever reason, doesn't back up all your pictures).

So if you're in that situation, and want to upload to Google Photos yourself, this is how to do it. Bear in mind that although Google Photos itself offers limited tools for editing, we've also rounded up a list of the best free photo editors to help get your pictures looking amazing without spending a penny.

Back up to Google Photos from a phone or tablet

Google Photos app

  1. Download the Google Photos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap the menu button (three horizontal bars).
  3. Select ‘Settings’, then tap ‘Backup and sync’.
  4. Turn backups on using the switch at the top.

Back up to Google Photos from a PC or Mac

Google Backup and Sync

  1. Download and install Google Backup and Sync. Alternatively you can go to the browser page at
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Select your Pictures folder.
  4. Choose to upload photos in high or original quality.
  5. Check 'Upload photos and videos to Google Photos'.
  6. Choose whether to sync files from Google Drive.
  7. Click 'OK' to begin backing up.