How to watch the 'new concept' Sony Alpha camera launch

Sony Alpha camera launch
(Image credit: Sony)
When is the Sony Alpha launch event?

The Sony Alpha launch event is set to start on Monday September 14 at 6pm PT, or on Tuesday September 15 at 2am BST / 11am AEST.

How long will the event last? Depending on how much Sony has to show, the event could last 1-2 hours.

Got a soft spot for Sony Alpha cameras? Then you should probably tune into the mysterious camera launch that Sony will be livestreaming on YouTube early this week.

We say 'early this week', because the exact day depends on where you are in the world. For US-based camera fans, the Sony Alpha camera launch will start at 6pm on September 14. This translates to 2am BST / 11am AEST on Tuesday September 15, for those who don't live stateside.

So what does Sony have cooking in its photographic oven? What's particularly intriguing about this event is that Sony has given it the tagline "get ready for a new concept Alpha". This could just be marketing speak for a mildly different take on an existing camera line like the Sony A6000 series, or it might genuinely point to something more radical like Canon's Powershot Zoom.

We hope it's the latter, but we'll have to tune into the Alpha camera to find out for sure – here's how to watch the live event.

How to watch the Sony Alpha camera launch

The Sony Alpha camera launch is being hosted on the Sony Camera channel on YouTube. It kicks off at 6pm PT on Monday September 14, or 2am BST / 11am AEST. 

That timing makes it slightly tricky for viewers in Europe, but pretty convenient for those of you in the US or Australia.

We've embedded the livestream above, so you can watch it with us on TechRadar. Alternatively, just head to this holding page on Sony's YouTube channel to catch it there.

If you're a tad early, YouTube does handily let you set reminders for when live streams are happening – just click the 'set reminder' button on the event's page and you'll get an email when it's about to start.

What to expect from the Sony Alpha camera launch

Right now, it's difficult to say exactly what Sony's camera chefs have been preparing for us – theories have ranged from a successor to the Sony A7 III to the long-awaited Sony A7000.

Neither of those would, though, quite fit the "get ready for a new concept Alpha" event tagline, which points towards an entirely new camera range.

This is what happened with the Sony ZV-1 (below), which is a new breed of compact vlogging camera that Sony developed from its existing RX100 series compacts.

Sony ZV-1

(Image credit: Future)

Still, even the ZV-1 – which currently sits as the top our best YouTube cameras buying guide – wasn't deemed a big enough launch to warrant its own livestreamed event, so we're expecting big things from this one.

We'll bring you all of our thoughts on the news as soon as it breaks, so make sure to check back here to find out whether the 'new concept' Sony Alpha was genuinely worth all the hype. 

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