Amazon Prime Video finally launched in your country? Here's how to watch it on Xbox One

Amazon Prime Video recently launched in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and 200-odd other countries, and though only iOS, Android and desktop support has officially been offered in these regions so far, there is a way for Xbox One owners to easily stream the service to their televisions in high definition. 

As you probably know, the Amazon Prime Video app has been available for Xbox One in the US and UK for quite some time. Thankfully, Microsoft has made it extremely easy for users to reach international versions of the Xbox Store from your Xbox One console.

Unlike the PlayStation Network, which forces you to create a brand new PSN account to reach international versions of its store, and then makes any overseas apps downloaded inaccessible to your other accounts, you only have to go into your Xbox One settings and change your location to reach apps that aren’t available in your country.

Location, location, location

To change your Xbox One’s location, head to System Settings, then select Language and Location. Here, you can select your console region, which in turn affects the Xbox Store content on offer. 

Select a region in which the Amazon Prime Video app is available, like United States or United Kingdom. Once you’ve made your changes, select the Restart option to bring them into effect.

Once your console has restarted, head over to the Xbox Store and go straight to the Apps section. You’ll now find that the Amazon Prime Video app is available to download.

It’s Prime time

After you’ve downloaded and installed the Amazon Prime Video app, head back to System Settings, change the region back to your country, and restart the console once again. 

With the console restarted, you’ll now need to launch the Amazon Prime Video app and go through the login process. This involves going to a special Amazon MyTV login page in a browser browser and entering the unique code that appears on your TV. 

And there you have it – you can now stream Amazon Prime Video content on your television through your Xbox One console.

Stephen Lambrechts
Senior Journalist, Phones and Entertainment

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