It's not a mistake - Samsung's handy smart-home gadget is really just $1

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Yep, you've read that correctly. Samsung has brought back its hugely popular SmartThings promotion for another sales event, allowing you to get its handy smart home hub and charging station for only $1 during the latest Discover Samsung sale.

To bag your bargain smart home tech you'll need to grab one of the limited promo codes that are available from around 12pm ET at Samsung each day this week. Once you've got one you can add the SmartThings Station to your basket and enter the code to pay the ridiculously low price of $1 – instead of the usual $79.99. Availability is extremely limited each day, though, so you need to act fast if you want to secure one before they sell out for the day.

All you need to do is head through the link above to reach the promotion page and watch a short video about the SmartThings Station. When it finishes you'll receive a promo code if any are still available. Don't stress too much if you miss out as more will be added every day until Sunday when the sale ends.

Get a Samsung SmartThings Station for $1

SmartThings Station: $79.99$1 at Samsung

SmartThings Station: was $79.99 now $1 at Samsung
Samsung is releasing a limited number of promo codes from around 12pm ET every day this week that can be used to slash the price of its smart home and charging hub to a buck. Simply visit the offer page at that time, watch a brief video and then claim a code that allows you to bag the SmartThings Station for a bargain price. Use it to set up your smart home network to control the lights, heating, and various other devices around your house with the touch of a button on the station or your connected smartphone. Plus, as a neat bonus, it also functions as a wireless charging pad for supported devices.

SmartThings Station: $79.99$39.99 at Amazon

SmartThings Station: was $79.99 now $39.99 at Amazon
If you don't have any luck getting a code for the SmartThings Station at Samsung then you can also pick one up at Amazon for 50% off. This isn't anywhere near as good as the $1 offer but it's still the lowest price we've ever seen outside of the limited Samsung promotion.

When you consider that the SmartThings Station usually costs $79.99 it's an absolute steal to get one for a single US dollar. It's an automatic buy at that price if you're after a central hub for all your smart home tech. 

It offers all the usual functions and features you'd expect. You can use it to remotely control lights, blinds, heating, TVs, and much more around your house. Or, program entire routines that can be activated with a touch of a button on the hub or your connected smartphone. You can even rest compatible devices on top of it to use it as a wireless charging pad.

We were impressed with these features and the future potential of this Matter-powered device in our SmartThings Station review. The main sticking points were that it felt premature, given the surrounding ecosystem was so small, and the hefty upfront price. Well, now you can get one for $1, so that makes it a no-brainer.

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