Blink's next-gen Mini security cam is tougher, smarter, and all-seeing

Blini Mini 2 outside
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Smart home brand Blink is upgrading its Mini security camera by launching a tougher model housing a custom-built chipset.

It’s called the Mini 2, and the first thing you may notice is it looks quite different from the previous generation. The camera no longer has the black, glossy faceplate. Instead, the model is all one solid color. It’s still the same size as the original Mini. What is different is the new LED spotlight above the lens to illuminate the outside of your home at night. You see, the Mini 2 doubles as both an outdoor and indoor camera. 

Blink toughened up its gadget to help it better survive the elements, especially rainfall. The light pairs well with the color night vision and wider 143-degree field of view (FOV). On the older Mini, the FOV is much smaller at 110 degrees. 


As mentioned earlier, the company gave its device custom hardware enabling what it calls “computer vision”. Through this tech, the Mini 2 can detect people passing in front of its lens. It’ll then send out a smart notification to the official Blink app letting you know if someone is outside. Don’t worry about the alarms tripping every time something moves past it. According to the announcement, it can tell the difference between a person, object, and animal.

Blink Mini 2 front view

(Image credit: Blink/Amazon)

There are a few catches with the Mini 2 that you should know about. Both smart notifications and person detection can only be accessed if you have a monthly Blink Subscription Plan. Also, despite the camera's sturdiness, the power brick accompanying it cannot survive rain or any kind of splashes of water. 

If you plan on using the Mini 2 outside, it’s recommended you purchase the Blink Weather Resistant Power Adapter. You can buy the other adapter off Amazon separately for $10 or as part of a bundle. Other notable features include two-way audio, 1080p video recording, and a resistance rating of IP65. That last detail means that it's completely protected against dust and the device can live splashes of water. 


The Blink Mini 2 is on sale in the United States and Canada for $39.99 USD/$54.99 CAD. The outdoor bundle with the Weather Resistance Power Adapter costs $49.88 USD and $69.98 CAD. You have a color choice of black or white.

It seems there are plans to launch the camera in other countries. A company representative told us Amazon will have more information to share on the "Mini 2's availability in other countries" within the coming months.

You will need an Echo device to get the most out of the Mini 2. For recommendations, check out TechRadar’s list of the best Alexa speakers for 2024

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