I wish I could buy this cool hair dryer - I've taken a shine to it

Grundig hair dryer at IFA 2022
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During my time at IFA 2022 one product in particular stood out amongst all the new tech: the Grundig NaturaShine HD 8080 hair dryer.

As with all the best hair dryers, we like to look beyond its design (although looks are important in the beauty world) and take in to consideration factors such as how it feels to hold, the number of compatible attachments, what settings there are and any other 'feel good' features that are supposed to do good things to your hair.

A stand-out feature for us, in this instance, is the ceramic coating with macadamia and coconut oil. We've not seen or heard of such a thing before, and although I was sad that I couldn't test it,  I am glad that it's something different being offered to hair care enthusiasts in Europe.

It's available to buy from Amazon and other retailers for €33.80 ($33.69 / £29.13 / $AU 49.52) which is very probably one of the most affordable hair dryers we have seen in a while. At this price, it's certainly really tempting.

Grundig hair dryer being held in hand

(Image credit: Future)

'What's so special about the ceramic coating?' we hear you ask. Let's elaborate. Apparently, this will encourage more healthier and hydrated hair whilst blow drying. Not only will this help to protect your hair from any damage, but it'll also give it more shine and dry with a more even heat distribution. We like to think that a slight coconut fragrance is dispelled, too, but this is just our imagination running away with our lust for this hair dryer.

To add to this ceramic coating, the NaturaShine HD 8080 also has an ionic function for antistatic smooth and shiny hair. Attachments it comes with includes two cool-touch styling nozzles and a diffuser, to create a shiny style. You'll find that the three temperature and two speed settings come in useful when creating a style, if you need to know this.

It's a powerful hairdryer, too. With 2300 watt output power it's the most powerful hair dryer in the range. There is also the NaturaShine HD 7081 but this has a power output of 2100 watts, and also doesn't come with the Turbo mode to boot.

Grundig HD 8080 hair dryer close up of dials

(Image credit: Future)

Overall, we felt that this Grundig hair dryer has a lot going for it - especially at the very appealing price point. It looked great displayed amongst the Grundig hair styling range at IFA where there was also a set of straighteners and styling brushes. 

Grundig hair styling range at IFA 2022

(Image credit: Future)

After seeing it online we are glad to have finally seen it, and held it, but it's just a shame that we can't review or buy it.

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