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The no-frills mobile network Smarty is back with a fresh SIM-only deal that we'd argue is even better value than its previous offering. You can now get a Smarty SIM with 100GB of data for just £12 per month. It's definitely one to snap up if you want a cheap one-month contract with bucketloads of 5G data included.

Considering that Smarty currently offers 30GB of data for £10 a month, it's relatively little to pay to get a considerable amount of extra data each month. It's also the cheapest price available right now for this amount of data among all the low-cost networks, so it's easily one of today's best SIM-only deals. We have spotted that ID Mobile does match it, it's almost double the price at Voxi, while Giffgaff only offers 25GB of data for £2 less each month.

And it's also worth pointing out that Smarty is one of the few UK networks that still includes EU roaming at no extra cost. There is a cap of 12GB per month, but that's a more than reasonable allowance for most users who need to use their data while in Europe.

Today's best Smarty SIM-only deal

Smarty 100GB SIM: £12 per month at Smarty

Smarty 100GB SIM: £12 per month at Smarty
EU Roaming:
Yes (up to 12GB per month)

Smarty's latest SIM-only deal is fantastic value for money as you get a massive 100GB of 5G data for £12 per month. It's the lowest price right now for this amount of data across all the low-cost networks, and it's more than enough to cover even the most enthusiastic social media user, music streamer and video downloader each month. Naturally, unlimited minutes and texts are also included, but so is EU roaming at no extra cost. That's a somewhat rare find these days. And there's no long-term contract as you pay on a rolling one-month basis for added flexibility.

How good is this Smarty SIM-only deal?


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If lots of 5G data for a low monthly cost is your priority then there's little else out there that can beat this SIM-only deal from Smarty. 100GB is a considerable amount that even the most frequent users would struggle to get through each month - even with lots of HD streaming, large downloads, online gaming, home working and social media use.

It's not a huge issue if you do discover that you need more (or actually want less for an even cheaper monthly bill) as it's just a one-month contract that you can switch up. That's definitely one of the major benefits of going with a no-frills network like Smarty, on top of useful extras such as EU roaming - a feature that's often charged at a premium these days.

Smarty also runs on the Three network, which guarantees 99.5% coverage while outdoors across the UK and a fast 5G connection on compatible smartphones. You also get WiFi-calling and unlimited tethering included at no extra cost. This is particularly useful if you're out and about in a no-signal area or are working where there's no WiFi and need to share your data with your laptop or other devices.

If you want to read more, you can check out our full Smarty Mobile guide, which includes more information on the network. You can also do a full comparison with many of the other SIM-only deals available right now to see how this 100GB for £12 offer is leading the way.

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