Best iPhone 11 plans in Australia (March 2023)

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The iPhone 11 arrived in 2019, and there’s been a new iteration of the iPhone every year since – the latest is the iPhone 14, which came out in 2022. So, with multiple, newer iPhones to choose from, is the iPhone 11 still worth buying?

If you’re looking to get the iPhone 11 on a plan, our answer is no, it’s probably not worth buying. This is because at the time of writing, the iPhone 11 is only available at Optus, as stock has dried up at Telstra and Vodafone’s online stores. Even the best Optus mobile plan isn’t exactly cheap, and considering you won’t be getting a discount on the older iPhone, it’s even harder to recommend signing up to a plan.

So what should you do? If you still want the iPhone 11 and you’re able to buy outright, we think doing so is the better option. We’ve seen an occasional discount on the iPhone 11, and buying outright will allow you to pair the phone with one of the best SIM-only plans, which can offer better value than Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Alternatively, you could consider going for the iPhone 12, or the iPhone SE (2022) for a cheaper handset. With the cheapest iPhone 11 plan coming in at AU$77.29 a month from Optus (opens in new tab), it’s AU$11 more expensive to get the iPhone 12 on a plan, with the lowest offer coming in at AU$88.70 a month from Vodafone (opens in new tab).

Best iPhone 11 plans: our picks

Apple iPhone 11 range

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Best overall iPhone 11 plan

iPhone 11 (64GB) (opens in new tab)

iPhone 11 (64GB) | 30GB data | 24 months | AU$77.29p/m (opens in new tab)

Optus is the only major mobile provider still selling the iPhone 11 at the time of writing. While you can sign up to a plan, Optus says stock is on back order, so you’ll have to wait longer than usual to receive your device. If you still want to buy the iPhone 11 on a plan, your best option is the Optus AU$49 Small plan (opens in new tab), which gives you 30GB of data a month. Paired with handset repayments, your monthly bill will come to AU$77.29 over 24 months.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$1,854.96

Are there any cheap iPhone 11 plans?

No, there aren’t any cheap iPhone 11 plans. Given that the iPhone 11 was released in 2019, we would further argue that signing up to an iPhone 11 plan without a discount on the device isn’t a smart buy. Optus is also the only telco offering the iPhone 11 on a plan, and its mobile plans are more expensive than Vodafone, which makes it even harder to recommend.

So what should you do? Well, we recommend you check out one of the best iPhone SE plans instead. For a clear comparison, the cheapest iPhone 11 plan from Optus will set you back AU$77.29 (opens in new tab). Meanwhile, getting the newer iPhone SE (2022) from Vodafone will cost you AU$74.95 a month (opens in new tab).

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Outright iPhone 11 deals

When the iPhone 11 first launched, the base 64GB model was selling for AU$1,199. But now that the iPhone 13 is available, Apple has cut the price of its former flagship. The 64GB version is now retailing for AU$849, and if you want more storage, you can expect to pay AU$929 for the 128GB model. That means each iPhone 11 is AU$350 cheaper than its iPhone 12 equivalent.

It comes in black, white, green, yellow, purple or red colour options. Purchasing an iPhone 11 will also let you redeem one year of Apple TV Plus for free (opens in new tab).

When buying outright, you’ll want an excellent SIM-only plan to pair with it.

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iPhone 11 review

iPhone 11

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iPhone 11 review in brief

A surprisingly affordable phone from Apple


Screen size: 6.1-inches
Resolution: 1792 x 828
Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP
OS: iOS 14
Storage: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Battery: 3,110mAh
Weight: 194g

Reasons to buy

Upgraded dual cameras
Vibrant display
Good battery power remains

Reasons to avoid

Design is almost identical to XR

While the iPhone 11 looks rather similar to the iPhone XR, it has made improvements in crucial areas. That includes an improved dual camera setup, so you can take wider-angle snaps alongside regular photos. 

Despite the release of the new iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 is still a powerful phone with the A13 Bionic chip on its side. Now that it’s seen a price drop, it’s only all the more appealing.

Read our full iPhone 11 review

iPhone 11 FAQ

Should I upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max?

It’s tricky to answer, as it depends on what you want from your phone. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will be the better choices for those that want superior spec sheets and don’t mind spending a little extra money. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 will suit those looking for the lowest price.

However, due to the significant price increase of the Pro Max, those considering the iPhone 11 are likely to be best suited going up to the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 12, if considering other handsets.

Both devices are more powerful and bring a major jump in specs, particularly with the camera setup. Keep in mind though that the iPhone 11 Pro is confusingly the smallest of the three iPhone 11s, and might not suit those who want a larger phone.

What are the closest Android competitors to iPhone 11?

So you’re thinking of switching to Android, huh? Android has a number of devices with similar builds, specs, designs and prices to the iPhone 11, but Samsung and Google probably have the closest alternatives:

Samsung Galaxy S20: Samsung’s S20 series comes in a trio, just like Apple’s range. While the S20 came out about six months after the iPhone 11, and offers slightly better specs, it’s only marginally more expensive than the iPhone 11 (and sometimes cheaper). The S20 will get you 5G connectivity, a larger battery and a better display. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 arguably has the better camera in quality and video, and a more powerful processor.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE) is a 'lite' version of the flagship S20 series. It brings select headline features from the S20 trio to a more affordable price point, including a brilliant camera array, a fast screen refresh rate and a powerful processor. The S20 FE feels a little more budget than its S20 siblings in part because of its plastic design, and a battery life that might not last the day if you’re making use of those high-end features. Though it does get the edge over the iPhone 11 by offering 5G connectivity.

Google Pixel 5: The Google Pixel 5 has one major feature that helps it stand out from the crowd – its camera. The Pixel 5 has two lens on the back: a 12.2MP main shooter and a 16MP ultra-wide lens. Where it really comes into its own is the camera software, with lots of options to create a strong shot. Its processor isn’t as powerful as the iPhone 11’s, but the camera experience is great. It now costs the same as the iPhone 11 at AU$999.

Is the iPhone SE worth considering against the iPhone 11?

These are two entirely different handsets. The iPhone SE will be a compelling option for anyone who wants an affordable iPhone from Apple, and doesn’t mind the 'decent but not top-end' specs that come with it. 

Yes, it has the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11, and it has a good camera for most people. But the battery life could be better, and the screen tech feels a little outdated – though it has a much lower price tag.

The iPhone 11 on the other hand is a powerful handset with a lovely design, excellent camera, a high-definition display and better battery life.

Should I choose the iPhone 12 instead?

Apple’s latest iPhone is now here. With the iPhone 12 comes the latest specs from the brand, and for many upgrading to the newest model will be the most logical choice. It’s the first iPhone to offer 5G, and it has a more powerful processor and some significant camera improvements.

On top of that, the iPhone 12 also offers Apple’s clever MagSafe feature, and a squared-off design similar to the popular style of the iPhone 5 from many years ago.

However, the iPhone 11 has seen a considerable price drop since the iPhone 12 came out, making it more affordable than ever.

And while features such as 5G and MagSafe are brand-new to Apple, they are by no means essential. In other departments, the iPhone 12 is simply an incremental upgrade.

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