In a flash – why this fashion photographer packs a portable SSD

Photography at its peak isn’t just a tool, it’s an artform. Smartphones may have put the ability to snap pictures into the layman’s hands, but the power of the lens goes beyond the selfie. High-end photography is about so much more. Professional photographer William Lords knows this, and that’s how he reached the heights he’s at today.

Up in his studio overlooking the New York City skyline, he tells TechRadar: “High-end fashion photography is different from the mainstream; it’s not meant to make you comfortable, it’s meant to intrigue you, to push you.” When you’ve mastered your craft to this level, the sky's the limit on what you can create.

Talent with camera

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Yet when you’re capturing glamorous portraits and iconic fashion moments on the daily, your camera isn’t the only kit required. The technology in your arsenal needs to be as slick as the muses you’re shooting.

William says: “My X10 Pro is a true life saver. It’s always there when I need it. When I’m focused, I need things that I can rely on. Having that kind of equipment to work with is like having a trusted partner.”

When William is realising his vision on set, the perfect moment can be fleeting – every shot counts. Hence why the new X10 Pro portable SSD from the memory experts Crucial is his most trusted sidekick. Whether he’s shooting in Seattle or the Sahara, dust, splash, sand and drop-proof durability makes sure he won’t lose a single precious picture. 

Not to mention the blazing read/write speeds of up to 2,100/2,000MB/s making data transfers and back-ups a breeze on the go. And with up to 4TB to play with, the X10 Pro can hold multiple galleries’ worth of images all in a palm-sized package. 

The best artistic work deserves the best technology to enable its creation. Just think what wonders you could capture with the right SSD in your pocket.

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Crucial X10 Pro Product Shot

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