Your Fitbit app can now show stats from other wearables and services

Fitbit Versa 2
Fitbit's latest smartwatch - the Versa 2 (Image credit: Future)

As part of a recent Android feature drop, the Fitbit app will now show data from third-party sources to provide users with a “more complete picture of [their] health”.

Google stated in a recent announcement it’s effectively expanding Health Connect’s reach, allowing it to grab stats “from your favorite wearables and apps”. These sources include AllTrials, the Oura Ring, plus nutritional data from MyFitnessPal. Over in the Today tab on the Fitbit app, you will see a new section called Records where you will see all the Health Connect info listed out in detail. 

Looking at the demo video, there are entries for calories burned in a day, distance traveled, floors climbed, and body measurements among other things. Tapping an entry will take you to a stat readout. For example, going to “Steps” will show you how many steps you’ve taken in a day, week, month, and year with a daily average number on the side. 

Data coming from a third-party source will have the service’s logo right next to it. The aforementioned Steps section has a symbol of an Oura Ring next to it while Elevation Gained has the AllTrials icon alongside it. It’s important to mention that there may be a discrepancy in the information shown. 9To5Google explains in its coverage “data in Health Connect may not match the metrics you see on your Fitbit devices.”

Android feature drop

The update is currently rolling out alongside the eight other features. Just to briefly go over them, you have WearOS smartwatches receiving public transit directions via Google Maps plus support for Google Wallet passes. Google Messages will soon host the company’s Gemini chatbot so you can have direct conversations with the AI. And the Android home screen will gain an output switcher for Spotify giving subscribers the ability to change where their media is playing. You’ll be able to seamlessly hop between a smartphone, a pair of headphones, or a smart TV. 

We reached out to Google asking if the only third-party sources Health Connect has access to are All Trials, an Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal or if there are more. This story will be updated at a later time.

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Update 03-01-2024: A company representative got back and told us that platforms Peloton, Whoop, Signos, and Withings will also work with Health Connect. You can check out the full services that are supported by going to the Health Connect section on your Android phone's settings menu. They go on to tell us more platforms will be added in the future.

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