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Prime Day 2019 has come and gone and, for some, it's probably a distant memory. But when you hear Amazon sold 175 million items globally over the two-day event, it brings into perspective that it's now one of the most well-established online retailers Down Under. 

While Amazon keeps its sales figures closely guarded, it has been estimated that, in Australia alone, Amazon raked in about AU$3 billion! That's massive, with Amazon claiming it had shipped more items than the previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

Unlike Prime Day, though, Black Friday is a whole different story. Instead of just 48 hours, this major sale event usually goes on for about a week, kicking off on the Monday prior the actual date and ending the Monday after. 

While Amazon will probably need to battle against competition from the likes of eBay, the e-commerce giant will be bombarding us with a plethora of deals – from pantry essentials to fashion, from tech to toys – and sifting through it all to find the best offers can get overwhelming. 

That's where TechRadar Australia's deal-hunting specialists can step in – we'll wade through the mire and pick out the choicest gizmos and gadgets across all categories of tech available on Amazon and list them right here ready for you to scroll through, ponder over and, hopefully, be delighted when your package arrives on your doorstep.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't too far away, so you should get cracking on your shopping list right away. That will ensure you can find the best deals of the year real quick when the sale kicks off. 

In the meantime, though, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to shopping on Amazon on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon Australia?

Like every other retailer, the Amazon Black Friday date is November 29, 2019, while Cyber Monday falls on December 2. 

However, if last year is anything to go by, Amazon will likely start the sale event on the Monday before Black Friday – so be prepared for great offers to come your way from November 25 onwards, until midnight the following Monday (December 2).

What's new on Amazon for Black Friday 2019

Every year Amazon launches a suite of new Echo devices which become some of the hottest-selling items during Black Friday. While Australia doesn't get the entire catalogue, we do have four new smart devices that could be heavily discounted this year – the all-new and redesigned Amazon Echo smart speaker, a new-look Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, the Amazon Echo Studio, and an Echo Wall Clock.

Of course, the older Echo products and the existing Fire TV Stick will also see excellent discounts this year.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite now out, chances are we're going to be able to save a packet on this new handheld console, along with plenty of discounts on a lot of new games like Borderlands 3, Control and Gears 5.

How to prepare for Amazon Australia Black Friday deals

We've only had the one Black Friday sale on Amazon Australia, so there's not much of a trend to make our predictions from, but one thing did stand out from last year: the speed at which the Nintendo Switch deals sold out.

However, we can extrapolate from our previous Prime Day performances and what happens in other regions where Amazon has a more well-established presence.

Amazon has an ongoing scheme called Deals of the Day which, during Black Friday, you ought to keep an eye on. Historically, at least in the UK and US, the one-day offers begin well before the actual day and go on for 10 days. While we're not expecting Amazon to start offering deals in the third week of November, it is likely that Black Friday Deals of the Day in Australia will begin trickling in on Monday, November 25. 

Along with Deals of the Day, we expect there to be a whole load of Lightning Deals, which last only for a short while, or until stocks last. Anyone can buy these, but Amazon Prime members get access to these offers 30 minutes before everyone else.

We’d recommend becoming an Amazon Prime customer for that benefit alone, but it also gives you access to Amazon Prime Video and the company's two-day delivery promise as well, along with plenty more perks for a reasonable price.

Amazon Prime free trial

Get 30 free days of Amazon Prime! Wait until at least November 8 to be sure you've got the whole Black Friday period covered (and then some) with your subscription and you'll get access Lightning deals and two-day free delivery plus lots of other benefits too. After this 30-day period, you'll be charged AU$6.99 a month.

In the lead up to Black Friday, Amazon will begin teasing us with offers for its own services, like a possible three-month free trial of its Kindle Unlimited service, and similar offers for Audible and Music Unlimited as well.

Our last bit of core advice is to regularly check back with TechRadar for our selection of the best deals, and to not rely on Amazon having the lowest prices over the Black Friday period. We’ll also be covering a wide range of retailers, including JB Hi-Fi and eBay, as well as specific products like laptops, cameras and gaming gear.

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The best Amazon Black Friday deals we expect this year

Like it did for Prime Day, Amazon will be going all out to get even more Amazon and Alexa devices into our homes on Black Friday 2019.

In 2018, you could snag an Echo Dot for just AU$39 instead of its usual AU$79. Similarly, an Amazon Echo Plus, which usually retails for AU$229, was up for grabs for just AU$99 a pop. In fact, we'll bet big that the Amazon Echo Plus will be one of the most heavily discounted products this Black Friday again, particularly because the mega-retailer will be keen on shifting stock of its older products. 

You can even expect Amazon to add a bonus to some of its offers: for example, you can probably get yourself a free Philips Hue smart bulb with an Echo speaker, or you can get a Ring Doorbell with a bonus Echo Dot (as we saw during Prime Day 2019).

Expect the Kindle range of e-readers to be discounted as well, and it might be a good chance to the waterproof (and latest) version of the Kindle Paperwhite or upgrade to the premium Kindle Oasis.

And going by what happened on Prime Day this year, we're expecting the Ring security devices on Amazon to fetch plenty of savings over the Black Friday shopping week.

Other Amazon deals to expect on Black Friday

It's not just Amazon's own devices that will see their prices slashed when Black Friday comes round this year. A lot of third-party sellers on the marketplace will also get into the action, so be prepared to snag a good deal on a whole range of tech.

Last year saw some remarkable discounts on cameras, including on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which is still one of the most popular pro DSLRs available today. 

While the TV range on Amazon isn't quite the same as in the US or the UK, you'll likely find some decent offers on some of Sony's excellent 4K UHD smart TVs. Black Friday will also be a great time to get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner, with likely discounts on some of the iRobot Roomba machines.

If you enjoy your music, Black Friday 2019 will definitely bring some superb bargains on premium headphones – perhaps even the pricey and strangely named Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

It's the gaming deals, however, that are significant on Amazon Australia. As we mentioned earlier, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular items on the retailer's platform, so we're expecting something similar for the Switch Lite this year.

Expect serious discounting on the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 this year, especially in bundle form: we’re coming to the end of the current console generation and there will be a lot of price chopping this Black Friday. Last year saw a AU$150 price drop on the Xbox One X, and we'll likely see the same – if not a higher – discount on Microsoft's powerful console. We’d also expect reasonable discounting on accessories such as controllers, racing wheels and headsets.

How to get the best deals from Amazon on Black Friday 2019

We've got two key bits of advice: do your homework and bide your time. If you know roughly what you want and what you expect to pay for it then you're much more likely to get a good deal than if you charge around Amazon waving your credit card at anything with a discount. 

The exception to that is Lightning Deals, which are only available for a short, specified period. When those ones are gone, they’re gone. Make sure you’ve signed up for Amazon Prime before you go shopping, as Lightning Deals and some of Amazon's best deals are Prime-only. There's a free trial you can cancel after you've shopped.

And of course, a bargain is only a bargain if it's on something you actually want. We're trying not to think about the camera, lenses and filters we bought on Black Friday 2018 - some of that kit is still in the original packaging.

Here's one more bit of crucial advice: stick with us. There are loads of expert tech lovers at TechRadar, and we'll be spending the entire Black Friday period locked in a room with only laptops, pizza and energy drinks for company as we scour Amazon for the very best Amazon Black Friday deals. 

  • You don't have to wait till Black Friday to find a bargain on Amazon Australia as we find the best deals for you.