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7 great deals you can still get even though Cyber Monday is over

It's November 27, which means the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals fiesta is now all over. Or that's what we thought when we crawled into bed last night... but there are still a number of great deals hanging around for anyone who didn't get what they wanted over the weekend.

Maybe you've been hiding under a rock, or you spent too long waiting to see if the deals got better, or maybe you just weren't paid until today – either way the good news is you're in luck, as there are still deals to be grabbed.

Below are a selection of the best products you can still buy for discounted prices. Some may drop off later today, while others are set to continue for some time as many retailers are keeping sales periods running nearer and nearer to Christmas each year.

The deal if you're after a big telly

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Samsung UE49NU7100 49-inch 4K HDR TV £759 £399 at Very (opens in new tab)
Who would have thought that you'd be able to find a 4K 49-inch Samsung TV for under £400? That's the advantage of UK pricing being super-competitive right now. This TV deal pulls no punches either, with a 4K HDR screen with a suite of built-in smart apps. You can buy, but this won't be delivered until mid-December.

The deal if you're a movie lover

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Now TV Entertainment pass (12 months) £96 £45 (opens in new tab)
This gets you a whole year's streaming access to Sky's excellent suite of entertainment channels like Sky Atlantic (say hello to the likes of Westworld and Game of Thrones), Fox, Comedy Central, Sky One and more. Not to mention a huge amount of on-demand content you won't find on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The deal if you're a book lover

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Audible subscription £7.99 £3.99 a month for four months (opens in new tab)
Audible is offering a huge discount on its one-book subscription plan for the next few weeks. You'll get one audiobook per month, plus unlimited listening to Audible's original podcasts, the ability to exchange any book you don't enjoy, and special members-only deals on extra books. Once the four months are up, the price goes back up to £7.99 per month. Offer ends December 14.

The deal if you need to upgrade your phone

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Samsung Galaxy S9 | EE | £199 £150 upfront with TECH49 code | Unlimited minutes and texts | 4GB data | £19 per month (opens in new tab)
Here it is, the very best deal you are going to get on a Samsung Galaxy S9 – it's on EE and it's exclusive to TechRadar. If you use our TECH49 code you'll drop the upfront cost down to £150, making it the best-value S9 contract online right now. Given that this phone currently costs £569 SIM-free you're effectively only paying £1.50 per month for your 4GB deal with EE – incredible! But you do need to hurry, as there's limited stock – we don't even expect this deal to last until tomorrow. Total cost over 24 months is £606

The deal if you're after a new iPhone

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iPhone XR from (opens in new tab) | Vodafone | £50 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £36pm
Oh yes! This is the iPhone XR deal we've been waiting for. We really don't need to add much to the headline details. The bills are fair, the upfront cost is decent and the data allowance is HUGE. There isn't a better iPhone XR deal out there. Total cost over 24 months is £914

The deal if you're overpaying for your phone

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SIM only deal | Three | Unlimited data | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | £27 £20pm (opens in new tab)
Bought a new phone over Black Friday, or just want to update your contract without getting rid of your device? It's very simple... you just won't find a better SIM only deal than this. No network or third-part retailer gets close to matching this unlimited-data Three deal. You'll never have to worry about breaching your data limit again.

The deal if you're planning to get fit

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Garmin Fenix 5 running watch £439.99 £309.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
There may already be an updated Garmin Fenix 5 range of watches on sale, but this is still a fantastic device if you're after one of the most comprehensive running devices on the planet. This is the first time we've seen this top level running watch this low, so you'll want to be quick out of the blocks to grab this deal.

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