Top 10 best celebrities on Cameo in 2021 and how much they cost

A selection of the available celebrities on Cameo
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Cameo, the smash hit app that lets you order the unique gift of personal videos from stars of film, TV, music and sport, is loaded with household names that'll have you weak at the knees if you ever met them in person. But with so many celebrities at your service, where should you even start when choosing the right Cameo celebrity?

The most popular 'talent' on the app may have been revealed earlier in the year, but we've rounded up a list of the best-loved, the best value, and a couple more Cameo celebrities that stand out from the crowd. 

Keep reading for our pick of the top 10 best celebrities on Cameo right now, plus how much they cost, what you can expect from them, and what Cameo's customers are saying.

Already know who you want to impress your friends with? Then head over to the Cameo website to find them and prepare that special message now.

Stephen Tobolowsky ($290)

Stephen Tobolowsky's Cameo page

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Stephen Tobolowsky’s Cameos take some beating.

Whether you know him as Californication’s Stu Beggs, Silicon Valley’s Jack Barker or Groundhog Day's NED RYERSON! and want to hear that golden Texan twang, he will go above and beyond, playing characters, dressing up, sharing wisdom and shedding brilliant light on what went on behind the scenes of the shows he starred in.  

Almost certainly the hardest-working and most loveable person on Cameo, it’s little wonder he’s also one of its top-rated stars.

Stephen took our initial message, dug deeper by asking a few important questions and then delivered a fantastic video for us that we look forward to sharing widely” reads one review. 

Stephen was respectful of our request to act in character and went so far as to draw a prop and come up with a slogan. It was amazing.

You can see for yourself on the Cameo website here. That first video's a doozy!

Kate Flannery ($190)

Kate Flannery's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

Kevin may be getting all of the attention (typical accountant), but how about some love for the true life and soul of The Office, Meredith Palmer?

If talking classy and acting nasty’s the game, Kate Flannery’s got it all sewn up, and she’ll even raise a glass (bottle) and a Dundie in your honor.

And remember, on Cameo, every day’s casual day! Not really.

Kate took my request to make a nonsensical video and she did exactly that, also kind of surreal having your favorite actress say your name lol” reads one of Kate’s many five-star reviews.

To grab a Cameo from Meredith, head to her section of the website.

Mick Foley ($112)

Mick Foley's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

It should come as no surprise that a man who got up from a 16-foot drop with a couple less teeth, a bigger grin than ever and an appetite for more, delivers one heck of a pep-talk.

At the heart of arguably the most iconic pro wrestling moment of all time, Mick “Mankind” Foley is as perfectly suited to Cameo as he was to the steel cage.

Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love live on through the three-time WWE champion and hardcore legend’s heartwarming Cameo appearances. The realest wrestler of them all.

This was such a stunning and heartfelt video that it actually brought a tear to my eye” reads one review. “Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I know it’s really going to lift the spirits of my friend.

Head to Cameo to get a cheap pop from Mick Foley.

Carole Baskin ($249)

Carole Baskin's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

Feline friend Carole Baskin, who exploded into popular culture as Joe Exotic’s arch-nemesis in Tiger King, is without doubt one of Cameo’s coolest cats.

Kicking off every video with her famous catchphrase, Big Cat Rescue’s head honcho is a must for cat lovers on the lookout for affectionate and, of course, pun-filled shout-outs and happy purrthday wishes. Just be sure to not get on her bad side.

Perfect! Exactly delivered what I was expecting, or even better” reads one review. “Carole told all the things I asked her to tell, and even made some extra cat references.

To hear from Carole Baskin herself, tiger walk over to the Cameo website now.

Scott Hanson ($222)

Scott Hanson's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

The face of NFL RedZone and more recognizable than most of the footballers themselves, Scott Hanson’s legendary effervescence has to be seen to be believed.

Seven hours may be pushing it for Cameo, but the most affable showman in the business will give your Fantasy Football league the five-star treatment it deserves, and all the better if it’s strewn with godawful team names.

As he does on RedZone each week, Scott delivered an amazing performance!” one reviewer testifies. “He hyped up everyone in the league and announced our week 1 matchups in addition to some personalized shout outs.

To get a shout out from Scott Hansen, you can head to his section of the Cameo website.

Mrs Kasha Davis ($20)

Mrs Kasha Davis's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

Cameo isn’t short of reality stars, but Mrs Kasha Davis - the all-star who never was - is one of the platform’s hidden gems. Her uplifting words are frequently laced with an intimate quality and punctuated with the occasional, ahem, “smart shopping” tip or two.

With a whole lifetime of character-building experiences to draw upon, MKD always seems to know the right thing to say, and is equally adept at offering genuinely helpful advice, sharing stories, and busting out the cocktail song.

And at just $20 per video, the RuPaul Drag Race's star's rates are ridiculously cheap compared to most. 

I couldn’t have picked a better drag queen to give me advice” reads one review. “You made my day! And you spoke to my heart."

Lindsay Lohan ($475)

Lindsay Lohan's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

So you think you can rattle off Mean Girls lines with the best of them? Well, so can Cady Heron herself, the one and only Lindsay Lohan.

More than happy to throw in the odd “fetch” or a “grool” in her Cameo clips, Lindsay’s also game to lay on some business advice or just share the love with her fans - plastics, burnouts, desperate wannabes and everybody in-between. 

She’s speedy too, though from what we gather from the reviews, it’s best to be as detailed as you can in your request, and from what we hear from the tabloids, maybe don't call her LiLo.

Lindsay so amazing you did an awesome job, you said everything I wanted to say if not better than I wrote it” says one reviewer. “I put the request in the morning and got it the next day when I woke up.

Go big with a Lindsay Lohan Cameo here.

Ne-Yo ($325)

Ne-Yo's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

The guy they tell you not to worry about, Ne-Yo is every bit as silky smooth on Cameo as he is in literally every other aspect of his life.

And he has soothing pearls of wisdom aplenty to offer to those who seek them, whether you’re feeling down or missing loved ones, but especially if you’re suffering from a severe case of love sickness.

Thank you so much for articulating so well where my heart is right now” reads one review. “It’s hard for me to do so at times. As a long term fan this caught me off guard. Why you gotta make me cry?

Feel the love from Ne-Yo on his Cameo site.

Michael Rapaport ($199)

Michael Rapaport's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

After birthday messages, roasts are the no. 1 order of choice for Cameo users, and there are few better-versed at doling out put-downs than grumpy father to everyone, Michael Rapaport.

His rants became the stuff of legend during his brief stint as The War at Home’s Dave Gold, and whether he’s wishing you a happy holiday or a pick-me-up pep-talk, he won’t be able to resist taking a pop or two in the process.

I gave the bare minimum of details about my buddy and Rapaport used it perfectly to absolutely destroy him with a roast and then a congratulations for his impending marriage,” testifies one very satisfied customer. 

We’ll be quoting this roast for many years of ball-breaking to come.

To get some words of wisdom, check out his section on Cameo... if you dare!

Mike Tyson ($20,000)

Mike TYson's Cameo page

(Image credit: Cameo)

At the time of writing Mike Tyson is the most expensive person on Cameo, but we can forgive him as it means he’s knocked Floyd Mayweather off the top spot he so desperately covets.

A world in which “The Baddest Man on the Planet” is offering tips on staying cool and reining in the shenanigans is one that emphatically defies sensible analysis, but modern-era Tyson is as well-known for his comic timing and laid back demeanor as he was for his iron fists.

Great Cameo, could not ask for more. Very honest and genuine” one review reads. “My dad and all family were pleasantly surprised and I am so happy of their reactions!

Ready to splash out on a message from Iron Mike? Head to his cameo and tell him what you want to hear...

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